There are Raiders and there are people who raid…

My guild has recently made the move from 10-man content to a mix of 10 and 25 with two dedicated raid days to each format. The 10-man team I lead has always done well. We have a great team with people who really care about their performance and who do research into the latest theorycraft. They’re the type who will spend money to move one talent point to increase their output by 10 DPS. These people are Raiders.

Unfortunately there are some folks who show up for 25-man raids without flasks, missing enchants, missing gems (not just non-epic gems… *missing* gems), and with sub-optimal specs and glyphs. It really shows.

Now, before I go on, let me make something clear. Portent Alliance is a family. No, we aren’t related to each other (though some folks are). No, we’re not a “family guild”. In fact, our Vent chat is some of the least family friendly stuff you’re likely to find on a Friday night this side of Amsterdam. We are a family because we actually care about each other. Sure, like any family you’re not going to like everyone all the time, but you still care. So, I say this next bit with the utmost respect and in the nicest way possible.

I want to beat some people with Deathbringer Saurfang. Like literally pick him up by an ankle, swing him around, and beat them with him.

It would seem that despite my best efforts, there remain some elements in our guild who do not grasp what it is to be a Raider. These are the “people who raid”. These are the people who got a weapon upgrade a whole week ago and still haven’t enchanted it. These are the people who look at 3500 DPS on a 25-man boss and think “Wow I did 3500 DPS” and not “Holy shitballs I only did 3500 DPS WTF is wrong with me I’d better go read Elitist Jerks”.

Frankly, I’m tired of it. I really had hoped the month warning before 25s started would have been enough to prep people to get into the right frame of mind. Apparently I was wrong.  Thus, I am implementing the following change to our raid policy:

  • If you show up with missing enchants and/or gems you are not going to raid.
  • If we cannot find 25 people that night who don’t fail at enchanting/gemming, then we are not going to raid that night.
  • I will take someone in perfectly gemmed and enchanted T7 before I take some slacker in T9.

I did not set out to lead 15 or so Raiders and 10-ish people who just want to show up and get gear. That’s not how I roll. If people want to keep doing 25s, they’re going to have to step up. If they fail to step up, we will recruit people who do prepare correctly and replace them in the roster. Harsh? Sure. But I (and all the other Raiders in guild) want to down Arthas 25. That’s not going to happen with people dicking around like they are right now. I told them from the start that the 25 team was for people who wanted to take it seriously. They’re about to find out I wasn’t joking.


~ by Udiyvli on 01/19/2010.

6 Responses to “There are Raiders and there are people who raid…”

  1. Man I feel ya. I think anyone in a guild that tries to describe themselves as “casual” and “raiding” at the same time can emphasize so, so much with the “15 raiders, 10 people who just push buttons and admire purple loots” feeling.

    I know my guild transitioned from 2 10 man teams to a 25 man team a long time ago, before I joined, and still struggles – not even with gems and flasks – but with raid awareness and target switching. It happens. But it’s worth it for those who love their guild, and their friends, and yet want to raid in a casual but successful manner.

    Good luck with everything! /salute

  2. very good call. If you wish to have and be in core group who raids, be prepared to do so then. Our guild is currently starting on a second 10man team, and there are times where we gotta cattle-prod them to make sure they arnt slacking off just because there are more people around to pick up their slack. Best of luck with these policies!

  3. Well said, sir.

    And I will be watching this space with interest.

  4. This brings back so many memories. My guild had pretty much the same situation when Ulduar was the pinnacle of raiding. Not living at Elitist Jerks is one thing. Not making the effort to bring your gear up to scratch is quite another. I wrote a post for the guild forum to highlight the problem (which I could probably dig out – you might find the parallels reassuring) but fortunately it got pretty much resolved before anybody got upset. It’s nice when you can enjoy the game and not worry about ego management but that’s pretty unlikely when you’re a guild leader.

    Good Luck!

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