“the Patient”: truly earn your title

I was recently in a PUG on my hunter that ended up in H ToC. The tank was an Orc prot warrior and geared in T10 with a smattering T9. Everyone else was decently geared, and surely over geared for the instance. Things went well, even if the tank paid no attention to the healer’s mana, until the Black Knight. He went into his 3rd phase, and there were no heals. We wiped.

The tank says into group chat “FUCKIN PRIEST” and rage quits the group. About 10 seconds later, the Priest says “OMG sorry guys. WoW crashed on me.” Now, mind you, this was the *only* bad thing in an otherwise perfect run, and the tank just couldn’t handle it. Ironically, he was sporting the Patient title.

The group looks for another tank, and in comes a bear tank. One look at the guy and I can tell he still has some blues on, and while he has some epics, I don’t spot a stitch of Tier anything. He looks at the Black Knight, and says “Uhhh… guys, I’ve never done this instance before. What should I know?”

One of the DPS says, “dunt fuck up lol.” Ass.

I say, “You’ll be fine. First phase is just a tank and spank. Phase 2, move him around to get out of desecrations and to avoid exploding ghouls. Phase 3, pop Bark Skin to make it easier on the healer and we’ll burn him down.”

Tanks says, “Oh OK. Thanks! I can do this.”

We one shot it flawlessly, I tell the tank good job, and he thanks me for explaining the fight to him. I tell him my main’s a tank so don’t sweat it. We all were seeing a boss for the first time at one point or another.

So, to the rage monkey who couldn’t contain his anger long enough to find out *why* he didn’t get a heal, take that title off, you arrogant prick. Shit happens. You must be an absolute joy to raid with on progression content.

To the far inferiorly geared but far superior in attitude bear, keep asking questions. If you have it in your head to do so, you’ll go a lot farther than that idiot you replaced. Just never forget where you came from, and that everyone needs a little friendly advice now and then.

To everyone reading, you were all noobs once. Nobody picked up WoW and knew everything there was to know immediately. Nobody’s *never* wiped on progression raiding. Nobody’s ever been right all the time. And, no matter how epic you are, somewhere out there is someone who could teach you how to play your class better. Never, ever forget that. A little humility goes a long way toward having patience for others.


~ by Udiyvli on 01/29/2010.

2 Responses to ““the Patient”: truly earn your title”

  1. Well Said. It is nice to hear that there are others out there who feel the same way. Some of the best runs I have ever been on have been ones where there was a moment or two of explanation. Could this be because not everyone knows everything right off the bat?

  2. Agreed. So, so agreed. Nothing makes me seethe more than some prick who a) automatically assumes everybody knows the fight right off and b) makes snide comments about us about our DPS just to be a size queen and prick. I’m sorry, but this alone makes me loathe Recount, as useful an addon as I’m sure it is.

    Sorry, ass, that we weren’t spawned from the head of Zeus sporting ICC-25 armor like I’m sure your exalted self was. I’ll abase myself and kiss your E-Peen to make your sad life feel more whole.

    (I know this is months later, but I had to get it out, because a particularly assy tank last night on Ahune had me seething. Honestly, if everybody playing this game were like you, Ktok, it would be a far happier place for everybody. Thank you.)

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