I have lost my friggin’ mind

So, as is known by anyone following this blog or my Twitter, I’m a raid leader and guild leader with six years of experience. I’ve lead 72 person raids in EQ, killed the various gods there, and all without voice chat. However, as of last night, I have taken on something I’ve never done before. I am now leading two different raid teams.

Our long-suffering second 10-man team in my guild, which for reasons I have yet to discern has never really gelled as a raiding force, is once again leaderless. This is the third time, and since I have no other plan and am quite tired of seeing the team flounder, I am taking up the mantle myself. I am now leading progression raids every night of the week save for Wednesday and Friday. Friday is an entirely other scheduled activity in game, and Wednesday? Well, Wednesday is the only day I have left to run any fun activities like old world raids or guild events. Free time? What free time?

In a way though, I am excited. I know our other 10s team can succeed, and I’ve been at a loss to determine why they haven’t been. The best I can figure, it’s a heady brew of poor attitude and lack of trying that’s causing these problems. For example, they’re sure they can’t do ICC, even though they haven’t even tried to do ICC in over a month. How can you be so sure what you can’t do, or can’t even learn to do, if you never try? They’ve already fought the battle and lost in their minds, and that attitude has to change.

My guild had some major problems with our raid team early on in Ulduar. We lost half our 10s progression team as we were on General due to various IRL issues including a sudden divorce between two of our team members. It set us back a long way for Ulduar, and we had to bring in ungeared, inexperienced replacements. They had to gear up, learn the fights, and find their spot in the team dynamic. We pulled it off, and we did down Yogg eventually. Once. And then ToC was the focus. Since then we’ve been fine. Until one ill-advised night in ICC 25, we were the top Strict 10 guild on our server. We held that rank for a very long time.

So what’s the point to that paragraph? Mainly to explain why, when we recently went to do One Light in the Darkness, two of our team had never seen Yogg, ever, and the other 8 had only seen him one time before. It took us two nights to get him, and somewhere around 25 to 30 tries. After all, even out-geared, One Light requires precision, familiarity with the encounter, and even some luck from the RNG. Even those with any experience hadn’t seen Yogg since ToC was new. 25 to 30 wipes to learn a very precise fight that no one on the team had any real practice on, but we did it, and when we pulled it off it was flawless. No one complained, no one gave up, and when we got ready for our first try of the second night, we were pumped up, chest bumping, and helmet slapping like a football team about to charge out onto the field.

This other team? Not so much. From all the reports I have, they like to point fingers and blame each other for wipes. I’m told that some of them get upset and want to quit after 3 or 4 wipes on a boss they’ve never tried before. If this is true, then my taking control of the team is going to be very interesting indeed. I won’t tolerate that sort of attitude. Negativity has no place on my raids. These people will learn to work as a team, or they’ll not be on the team. I have 16 people who want to be on this 10-man team. I will not suffer a bad apple when I have replacements waiting in the wings. And no, I’m not out to make everyone happy… I’m out to make a successful team.

Come hell or high water, this team will not be floundering any longer. It’ll either succeed or implode, but it won’t be floundering. My task starts Saturday…


~ by Udiyvli on 02/24/2010.

3 Responses to “I have lost my friggin’ mind”

  1. I wish thee good luck on thy new charge, hopefully you can change their wicked ways of giving up.

  2. I still think you should leave them be to flounder about until they care enough to put something together for themselves. That’s what we had to do.

    But I have to warn you. I have only heard about people’s rage about gear and team composition and the like via hearsay and secondhand griping-about-the-griping. If anyone legitimately starts complaining along those lines in my presence, I am most likely going to tear them open. Just sayin’.

    And if I didn’t know you well enough to know that you can handle the extra work just fine, I’d be infuriated that my MT/raid leader is having his attention pulled away by these needy little babies who can’t get their act together. Yes, you’re YOU, and I know your performance won’t suffer, but if you were anyone else, I’d be pissed.

    • I became quite interested in this blog, and have read many of the posts and enjoyed a lot of the information herein. However, I had to post this, even though it is quite late.


      The Guild Leader is in charge of the Guild. Just because he’s also your raid leader, doesn’t mean his attention should be focused solely on your raid team. A Guild Leader’s main focus should be the guild as a whole. If part of the guild is failing, then his job is to find out what’s wrong and try to fix it, which he has.

      Kudos to the GlaiveCow, I salute you for your devotion to your guild.

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