There are no stupid questions

I was in a Weekly Raid pug yesterday to kill XT-002 10-man. I was on my Bear tank, and was off tanking Pummelers. Before the fight started, the question was asked “Does everyone know the fight?”

This was met with silence.

“So everyone knows the fight?”

Silence. I tend to take a lack of statements to the contrary as passive confirmation, and so did the raid leader. Everything was going fine until we got to the first heart phase. I go and pick up my add… and no one switched to the adds. Not a single ranged DPS. No one at all even touched the bomb bots or the scrap bots. I decided that as a Bear I can take the damage from a bomb blowing up, and try desperately to DPS down the bombs. The first one was fine, but the others got through and exploded on the raid. Tons of scrap bots also got through, as well as people absolutely failing to move at all when they got gravity or light bombed.

We lost more and more people until the last heart phase was over. Of course more scrap bots get through, and he heals up a bit. Then the MT dies. I pick up XT and the add I was tanking… and then more bombs blew up on the raid (the remaining ranged followed me when I tried to move XT away from them) and we were left with XT at 14%, me, a Tree, and a Shadow Priest. We actually managed to three-man him down from 14% and save the attempt, but that’s not the point.

My point here is simple… when someone asks you if you know a fight or not, speak up if you have any questions. The entirety of our ranged DPS did not know to switch to the adds. Most of the melee did not know how to handle bombs. These are basic parts of a simple fight that should not have been an issue and would not have been if any of them, even one, had spoken up and admitted to being unfamiliar with the fight.

Now, I realize people don’t want to seem like a noob, so they keep quiet. Here’s the punch line though… when you don’t do the very simple basics of the job you’re expected to perform on that fight, we *know* you’re unfamiliar with the fight, and worse, you’re an idiot who let their pride screw over the entire raid. You aren’t hiding anything by keeping quiet. The experienced raiders *know* you’re a noob whether you speak up or not, and frankly, most of us only consider you a noob if you willingly go into a fight ignorant of the strategy and cause others to die because of it. Everyone’s new to a fight once. Don’t be ashamed of that. Be ashamed that you caused a repair bill for 8 of 10 people (I died a second and a half before DoTs killed XT) on a T8 fight because you didn’t want to ask questions. That failure to respect the rest of the raid by asking questions is what makes you a noob… not your lack of knowledge.

Remember, there are no stupid questions. Just morons who place some bizarre sense of pride over the success of the raid. If you are asked if you know a fight, be honest. You’re only making yourself look worse by not asking, and we will know that you didn’t have a clue what to do.


~ by Udiyvli on 03/14/2010.

9 Responses to “There are no stupid questions”

  1. I admit that I’m the kind of person who ‘follows suite’ in a fight. I remember when you said ‘DPS – switch to the adds when they come on!’ I went running over when they spawned, but people kind of flitted around, so I wasn’t too sure of what was going on.
    That’s also why I asked about the heart mid-fight. I saw everyone was tearing into it when you had expressly stated to ‘not kill the heart.’
    I’m not at all placing blame on anyone! I felt the fight went fairly well, and I of all people have NO right to say ‘it could’ve gone better.’ I’m a raid noob in the purest sense of the word, so I will certainly try and be more on the ball next time. 🙂

    • Oh, the guild run went fine. The run I’m talking about was a pug run I did earlier yesterday on Sakhmet. That… was a nightmare.

      Basically, for XT-002, melee should stay on the heart for that phase, while ranged helps with any Scrap Bots and Bomb Bots that are heading toward him after they appear. Bomb Bots explode when they die or reach XT and do AOE damage to everyone nearby. Scrap Bots heal XT when they get to him. You don’t want either making it to XT.

      The damage done to the heart applies to damage done to XT himself after that phase is done, but it’s easier to damage the heart than it is to damage him directly. That’s why you get the heart “as low as possible without breaking it”. If you do kill (break) the heart, it activates hard mode for the Heartbreaker achievement. It’s a slightly harder fight with a couple new twists thrown in.

      It’s actually possible to damage the heart so close to death in each heart phase that XT is already below the HP threshold for the next heart phase when he stands back up. So you can go through all 3 heart phases back to back, and after the last one, he just falls over dead. That’s what we did last night and why the fight was so fast XD

  2. I’m really happy I found your blog! (gogo Wow,eh!) As I’d never seen it before, I went back and checked out your older posts, and I’m seriously impressed-I’d love to have you as a GM lol. I found myself wanting to link 3/4s of your blogs to my guild because I found them so insightful. =) This one is no different. Thank you for a great blog to read!

  3. Excellent point as always. You have a way with words. It’s like you’re saying “You may be doing it wrong, but instead of telling you do it this way/ do it right, I’m going to tell why you’re doing it wrong and how to fix it.”

    You’re like the complete opposite of writers!

  4. The worst thing, as a healer, is to ask what your job is, and pursue that job, and watch as people who were told the game plan don’t follow it, and try to run around healing the crazies, and getting yelled at because they couldn’t follow the plan.

    I don’t care if you know or don’t know the fight, make sure you know the plan!

  5. Hi, I found this site through a link on Wow Eh and I just wanted to post and say thank you for taking the time and effort to post your thoughts. Being a tank and a guild officer (in a guild with a strong 10 man raid squad and a struggling (though improving exponential rate) 10 man squad I can highly appreciate almost everything you have said here.

    I will also be posting links to select blog entries on my guild website in both the officers forums and the general forums.

    Once again thankyou for some great insights.

    Thes of Caelstrasz

  6. I can tell you why there’ silence. I was in a BWL group just kicking around and I wasn’t sure what to do as I’d never been there. So I ask and a rogue in the group says “Noob”. I sent a whisper going “Yes I am new. I’ve never been here before.” That’s all I said and they never said another word. Folks won’t talk because you have jerks like that then couple it with human ego.

    I figure if I do it wrong because I didn’t ask then I deserve the ridicule. Better to own up and get a lesson than burn a raid because you can’t admit to not knowing something.

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