Miscellany and Further Communication Concerns

First off, I’d like to welcome folks who are finding this blog through WoW, Eh? and thank Cadistra for the links that have sent a surge of readers my way. If by some chance you are not coming from WoW, Eh? and are unfamiliar with that excellent web comic, do check it out.


Second, an update on Team 2. The little team that was told it couldn’t has now downed Festergut and took Rotface down to 8% on the final attempt of Sunday night. I’m confident that they’ll get Rotface down this week. I’m debating whether we go for Putricide or Blood Princes after that, but I’m leaning toward Princes. In my opinion, it’s a much easier fight, but demanding a lot more communication. It should be an interesting experience for them.

Thirdly, it came to my attention last night that someone from Team 2 was complaining about one of Team 1’s raiders bringing their Tree alt to the Team 2 raid last week. Apparently they felt that it was unfair… that mains should be taken over alts. This is true. They should be. *HOWEVER* there were no healer mains to take! Our usual Tree got hacked (compromised to be more exact) and was getting his account restored, and for Sunday, our Holy Priest showed up an hour late (which I suspect was due to Daylight Savings Time). So, what we have here is someone complaining that a guildy was nice enough to hop onto an alt to raid two more nights of the week (for a total of 5 that week) so that the other 9 people could have a raid at all.

I really don’t need this type of attitude. It’s ignorant of the actual circumstances at hand, and the fact that they went to a guildy who just got back from a multi-month hiatus with their complaint rather than me or an officer is ludicrous. I don’t know who the complainer is… as is typical, the person relaying the information to me wouldn’t name names. For the record, I hate that, but I digress. The point is simple. If I catch people spreading spurious accusations of unfairness which they have not bothered to ask me about themselves, I’m kicking them out of the guild. It’s that very attitude of dreaming up things to complain about and spreading it around behind my back that lead to the original problems in Team 2.

By the way, this complaint was that the Tree in question had been replacing mains for “weeks” and I know for a fact that these past two raid nights were the first times she was ever on Team 2 with that character and this was the first time we’ve ever had a Tree under my watch other than the one that got hacked. See? Spreading complaints that aren’t even remotely grounded in reality is toxic behavior. Here’s how it should have gone…

“Hey, Udi, why’s that Tree here? It’s an alt.”

“We don’t have any main healers to take this weekend to fill the third healer spot. She’s here so we can raid *at all*.”

“Oh, OK.”

See how simple it is when people behave like adults? Amazing!

Remember, folks… gossip is toxic. If you have a concern about how something is run, take it directly to the person or people who can explain/fix the situation. Anything short of doing so makes you look like a fool, and makes me want to wring your neck for making my difficult job even harder.


~ by Udiyvli on 03/17/2010.

3 Responses to “Miscellany and Further Communication Concerns”

  1. I was a guild leader in Ultima Online for a few years, and this was one of my pet peeves. “I was told that people are having problems with X.” “Who is having these problems?” “I don’t want to out them.”

    Most aggravating thing in the world is to be given nebulous and gossip-worthy information, and have everyone involved be unwilling to own it.

    If you have complaints, they go to the people in charge. Period!

    Preaching to the choir, I know. I hope that whoever the person is on Team 2 figures out that they are poisoning the well with that kind of behavior.

  2. Thanks for the plug! 😉
    And yes, your advice is golden once again. People. Aren’t. PSYCHIC. Why does everyone think this? lol

    • I have no idea.

      I mean, they’d be pretty upset of if a clerk told them “exact change only” and then refused to tell them the total on the grounds that they should just know it. Yet they expect paranormal abilities to be commonplace in everyone else. At least half if not more of everyone I’ve ever had in my guild over the past six years has, at some time or another, exhibited behavior that would lead me to believe they think I’m psychic. I *do* know a lot more about what my guildies do than most of them realize, but that’s through hard work and knowing how to use the tools at my disposal.

      Besides, if I did get a super power, I’d rather it be the ability to Darth Vader choke people over the internet. That would be amazing. XD

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