Portent Alliance: A “Brief” History (Part 1)

Given some questions I’ve received, I thought it might be useful to take a moment and outline what my guild is, where it’s been, and why it exists. It’s not your average story of a guild, so I hope you’ll enjoy this trip through the wayback machine. Maybe you’ll find something useful in what we’ve gone through.

The guild was formed about six and a half years ago back in EverQuest on the Firiona Vie server. Myself, Ailinea (then playing a character named Tmitka) and a guildy who at the time was called Azra were part of an RP guild called Kerran Unity, and were growing frustrated with the attitude of the membership and leaders. To sum it up, they felt it was impossible to RP and raid. They said you couldn’t be a friendly, close knit “family” guild and still care at all about progression or even doing dungeons and groups to get better gear. If you cared in the least about your gear or performance, they branded you as elitist. God help you if you ever linked an upgrade you got in guild chat. It didn’t help that they were a Vah Shir only guild (so no tank healers or clothy casters) and forbid you from grouping with any “evil” race or class for any reason.

The leader of Kerran Unity decided to step down and started looking for a successor. I managed to rise to the top of the prospects and was voted in as the new guild leader. I tried as delicately as possible to shift the bias of the guild to bring more to its membership without destroying its foundation, and met with some success until the original founder of the guild returned from a nearly year long hiatus. He claimed he didn’t want the leadership back (which I offered him) but then proceeded to undermine everything I was trying to do and turned people loyal to him against me.

After a lot of soul searching, heartache (you’ve no idea how hard what I did was) and the support of Ailinea and Azra, I made the choice to hand leadership back to Kerran Unity’s founder and take our leave to form our own guild. The primary mission? To be an RP/family guild that could raid and raid well.

Now, we were still a bit hung up on the Vah Shir only thing at the time, so we actually formed two guilds and built an RP around them. Portent of Luclin would house our Vah Shir members (the only race from Luclin) and represent a group of people following my main, Ktok, and his vague vision of a coming cataclysm (which was based on a single screenshot from EQ2’s pre-Alpha). Portent of Norrath housed the races from Norrath and was lead by my Froglok Priest, Korgus. RP-wise, Korgus had the same vision but from a Norrathian perspective. The overall idea was that these two groups were working together to investigate what could be bringing a disaster to their worlds and to try and prevent it if possible. Note that EQ was so much more vast and difficult to get around in than WoW that there really were dark corners of the world that people simply never went to. We made it our mission to go to these places, explore completely, and take on long forgotten and seldom bothered with bosses.

It became obvious after a couple of months that while a neat RP hook, the two guilds were very hard to manage. We held an RP meeting and through that, surprised our members with unification between the two groups, and formed a third guild… the Portent Alliance.

(Next up, EQ raiding, betrayal, and the coming of EQ2…)


~ by Udiyvli on 04/13/2010.

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