And the world did find itself alight…

Yesterday, Blizzard let loose two very big surprises about how Cataclysm will change raiding and PvE/PvP currencies. For the WoW community in general, the raid changes were sort of like when the hero of an action flick barges into the gang’s hideout and beats them all up. People were left stunned, confused, and panicked. Hours later, the news about currency changes harkened to the hero’s parting shot as he walks away from the hideout, throws a match over his shoulder, and blows the whole place up leaving no survivors.

At least, that’s what it was like for some people. Major changes elicit panic and outrage in a distressingly high percentage of the player base. To me, however, these changes are incredibly welcome and delightfully unexpected.

For those who aren’t in the know, here’s the condensed version:

Raid Changes:

  • 10 and 25 raids will drop the same loot.
  • 25 will drop more gold, badges and loot per boss than 10.
  • 10 and 25 will share a lockout.

Currency Changes:

  • No more badges.
  • PvE currency = Hero/Valor Points = Low Tier/High Tier rewards
  • PvP currency = Honor/Conquest Points = Low Tier/High Tier rewards
  • Hero Points = Farming Heroics
  • Valor Points = First Random Heroic / Weekly Raid / Raid Bosses
  • Honor Points = All current sources of Honor
  • Conquest Points = Arena and Rated BG
  • All personal rating requirements will be removed from PvP gear

Let’s go over the raiding changes first, as this requires the most comment.

Sharing the same loot:
It’s about damned time. Strictly 10-man guilds put in just as much effort to do well as 25-man guilds, and they deserve the same rewards. Wrangling extra warm bodies should not in itself provide significantly greater reward, when in fact 10-man content is by its nature less forgiving to error and requires more precise handling of fights. Yes, I’ve done both. The number of Hard Modes on 10 where losing even a single person can equate to a wipe is fairly high. The same cannot be said for a 25. You have to lose several people in a 25 before you really start to feel it. In fact, 20 good players who aren’t going to screw up can generally do anything 25 average players can do. Redundancy in 25s is roughly five people depending on the fight. In 10s, it’s more like one or zero. Factor in that strict 10-man guilds are doing 10-man content *without* 25-man gear to cheapen the experience and the only conclusion you can come to is this… Strict 10 is the most demanding raiding you’re going to find. This change is overdue, and I applaud Blizzard’s choice.

25 man giving more loot than 10:
This makes perfect sense to me. Not only are there more people to distribute the loot between, but you can’t escape the human factor of having 15 more people around. 15 more people is that many more chances that someone’s going to disconnect, make a mistake, or flat out be a ‘tard at the wrong moment and cause a wipe. While this human tendency for error does not deserve better gear to compensate, I do feel the greater reward of Valor Points and more loot drops per kill is absolutely fair.

Sharing the same lockout:
This is where things get weird. While it’s understandable that if 10 and 25 are dropping the same loot they don’t want you to be able to farm *both* for drops, this does put some guilds in a pickle. My guild currently can run 25-mans, but not exclusively. We have one, maybe two nights a week where enough people can all be on to make a 25-man happen. The rest of our raid nights are done with two 10-man teams. This change is going to mean we have to pick one or the other. I have a plan, however, so it’s really not that big of a deal.

1)      Post that week’s raid invites well in advance as 25-man invites.

2)      Evaluate the response.

3)      If all raid nights can be run as 25 that week, we do 25s that week.

4)      If any raid night can’t be run as 25, we run two 10s that week.

It’s really not hard. Plus, the all or nothing of 25s will encourage people to make time to show up for them. And if people can’t show up, hey, no loss… we’re getting the same loot from 10s.

But what of the 1 to 4 people who would be left out if going for two 10s? Simple!

1)      Get your raiders to provide a list of what upgrades they need from which bosses.

2)      Juggle raid makeup to bring in standby members for bosses they can benefit from.

Panic is not warranted for these changes in my opinion. Unless your guild has no structure at all to their raid schedule, I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be able to make these changes work. In fact, I’ve already started discussing these changes with my guild and getting feedback from them. I suggest you other guild leaders do the same. If you aren’t a guild leader, go to them and ask what their plans are for your guild in light of this upcoming change.

As for the currency changes, I’m not sure there’s much to discuss really… except for the removal of personal rating. To this, I say it’s about damned time. Finally, people can be on equal footing with each other in the Arena system. No longer will there be a distinct wall of item level between moderate and highly ranked teams. If they could just find a way to make “I Win” teams less appealing, I’d even call the Arena system fixed. That’s unlikely to happen though. At least in the future my character that plays the arena casually will be on equal footing with the arena player in top end gear who’s fucking with my cities and outposts. Arena players will no longer have an advantage in other PvP venues, and that makes my friggin’ day!


~ by Udiyvli on 04/27/2010.

2 Responses to “And the world did find itself alight…”

  1. Pretty much the same thing I thought, though it does suck a little that you can’t have both, as that means slightly less of the “big PvE points” for the ones who have to be swapped out, not much noticeable perhaps, but it’s still there.

    As for PvP, my biggest annoyance has always been that “You need to do Arena to do BGs! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!” I hate arena, as do all my friends, and as such I do not do arena, meaning I can’t do BGs either because I can’t get arena gear… urgh.

    • Yeah, the fact that the only PvP gear you can’t get from losing 10 Arena matches per week or doing rated BGs is going to be weapons of the same item level as Hard Mode raid drops will be very nice. And even then, you can still get PvP weapons of the same item level as normal raid drops without any rating at all.

      I’m actually excited to try the Arena again in Cata since now I don’t feel like any little mistake ruins our chances for gear. I think it’ll be more fun and less anxiety with the rating requirements gone.

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