Arthas is Gone (unconfirmed reports of drifting out to sea)

Last Tuesday, my guild killed Arthas. It was a nice, slightly late birthday present for our Resto Shaman and a slightly early birthday present for myself.

Arthas is a hell of a fun fight… and I’m thrilled that we got him down before the 20% buff kicked in. I’m also glad that our kill was near flawless and not by any means skin of the teeth. However, it’s not entirely sunk in yet that he’s dead, even almost a week after the fact. This is our Illidan. ICC was our Black Temple. As a guild who did not begin serious raiding (Kara and ZA only in BC) until Wrath launched, this is an extremely big deal for us. We killed the big bad from the box art, T-shirts and cinematic. For the first time in my nearly seven years of playing MMOs, I’m left looking around asking myself “OK, now what?”

Oh sure, there are hard modes, and we’ll do them. We’ll go back and finally finish off ToGC and Algalon for the hell of it. Our other raid team needs to down him, and I plan to help as many folks get their Rusted Protos from Ulduar as possible before Cata removes it from the game. I’ve got plenty of alts to level and I desperately want to improve my Elemental Shaman’s performance and learn to play Kitty DPS on my Druid, but that’s all OOC. From the perspective of my character, as Udi, the war in Northrend is over. KT, Malygos, Yogg, and now Arthas… all gone. Every known threat has been defeated, and for her, it must feel like an uneasy moment of rest. Sure, OOC I know the Black Dragonflight is going to invade the Ruby Sanctum and we’ll head there on an emergency mission to delay the inevitable release of Deathwing and all that goes with it, but Udi doesn’t know that. When that patch lands, she’ll put her armor on, pick up her shield, grumble that she knew it couldn’t be *that* easy and charge off to yet again fight the good fight for the Horde. For now, however, it’s quiet. The task that started for her in Howling Fjord all that time ago is done, and it’s a remarkably strange feeling.

For me, I also plan to write a guide for tanking Arthas 10 Normal from the view of a Prot Warrior specifically. There’s too much generalization in the guides I’ve seen, and I intend to fix that. I also need to wrap up the history of the guild, and work more on Udi’s RP. I intend to incorporate the events of the Arthas fight into her personality, and if you’re familiar with what happens at the end and what your character is nearly turned into, you’ll understand that a brush with such a fate can profoundly alter a person’s world view.

For now, however, I leave you with this picture…  it’s taken in the last 10% of the Arthas kill, so if you don’t know what happens then, consider it a spoiler. I’ve made the thumbnail suitably small to hide the content. Click it at your own discretion.

Also, points to whoever spots the reference in today’s title.


~ by Udiyvli on 05/23/2010.

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