Glaivecow with Frostwyrm: In Repose

It is done. The goal my raid team set out to accomplish when we first saw the data mined Frostwyrm mounts when ICC was on the PTR has been completed. We came, we saw, we fought real life tragedies, power outages, hardware failures, employment issues and even the departure of our main tank healer as much as we fought the bosses of Icecrown, but we ultimately conquered our foes. These mounts are, to me, even more so than Shadowmourn itself, the ultimate trophy of this expansion.

This isn’t simply the end of the road for our drakes, this is also largely the end of our raiding for the expansion. Yes, there is more to do. We want to work on Bane of the Fallen King. We want to go back and do Alone in the Dark for giggles, and we never did wrap up ToGC. Heck, there are tons of achievements I don’t have in Naxx 10, such as doing it with eight or fewer people.

Yes, there’s plenty left to do, and we’ll do it, but for now it’s time for a break. Two weeks to sit back, reflect, and appreciate what we’ve accomplished. Two weeks of casual activities, rather than serious progression. This will, in fact, be the longest period since the month after Wrath launched that I’ve gone without a progression raid schedule. I’m looking forward to the interlude.

Cataclysm looms on the horizon, and when it comes, what we have yet to do may never be done, but that doesn’t matter. We achieved our stated goal with grace, determination, and above all else… as a close knit group of friends who work spectacularly well as a team.

Wrath was a triumph. I’m making a note here, you see? It says “Huge success”.

Oh, and Deathwing? The Glaivecow comes for you…  She’s not just bringing an army. She’s bringing friends.


~ by Udiyvli on 09/07/2010.

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