A Quick Update on Expertise

So the devs apparently forgot to tell us something…

“Due to recalibrating expertise for Cataclysm, level 80-83 creatures (which includes bosses) dodge and parry less, so you need less expertise, 23, to be exact. Sorry we didn’t announce this. I would classify it as an unintended consequence (though not unknown) and not a desired change on our part.

At level 85, you will need 26 again.”

Woops! Looks like we only need 23 Expertise till Cata launches and we hit 85. That’s 177 Expertise from gear. Good to know! Go forth and reforge, folks. Again.

(( UPDATE: Based on testing from EJ pointed out in the comments below, it looks like the blue wasn’t exactly correct with the 23 Expertise. It looks like we actually only need 172 to remove Dodge from the table now, which is slightly under a displayed 23 on the character sheet.

That said, I didn’t see information on removing Parry from the table, but I would have to guess based on the difference between pre-4.0 and post-4.0 that Parry should be removed at 403 rating now. This may actually be worth going for if you’re a raid tank, since it’s just getting easier to achieve.))


~ by Udiyvli on 10/28/2010.

10 Responses to “A Quick Update on Expertise”

  1. Time to Regem… again.

  2. NOOOO NOT AGAIN….Ok see you on vent XD

  3. This’ll make tanking until we hit 85 a piece of cake! šŸ™‚

    For my own play style, I seem to have a lot of luck piling on the Expertise as a tank – it just has so many benefits at being able to push threat up and being able to remove parry rating from a boss with parry-haste winds up mitigating damage as well with far less diminishing returns than Dodge. It’s a great stat and while I never fall below soft-cap (easy for prot pallies thanks to Glyph of Truth) – I make it a point to dig deep into parry-rating level of Expertise.

    I honestly dunno how Exp scales for warriors but I imagine it’s not too dissimilar.

    • I’ve never tried to hit the Expertise hard cap. It wasn’t really that viable before Reforging went live without gimping other stats too badly. I’m seriously considering trying it now though.

      My only hesitation is that Mastery improved my block and my crit block… which helps everywhere. Pushing for the Expertise hard cap would only help with raid bosses, and would still take quite a bit of doing to make it happen.

      While 177 will get you the soft cap now, I’m not sure what the new level 80 hard cap is. I’d guess it’s safe to assume since soft cap is now 23 lower than before, hard cap would be too. So 431 minus 23 gives you 408 for the new hard cap at 80. At least, that’s my best guess without any testing.

      • Right, I think the closest I got to hardcap was somewhere in mid ICC when I was rocking around 50ish Expertise but now I’m down to ~30ish I think? Prot Pallies can blockcap fairly easily now and I did the gimickey Mastery rating reforge to get to block-cap so every physical hit was getting a 30% reduction but since the latest changes will make that go away, I stopped doing that.

        Now that – for prot pallies at least – Holy Shield went from more block chance to an extra 10% reduction of damage on block (how’s that different from warrior crit-block?) – Paladins are back to being like warriors. We take regular hits and mitigate more of it instead of mitigate a bit of every single hit that lands.

        I guess it’s easier to do encounters like this instead of letting Paladin tanks take far less damage than any other tank.

        Expertise will still be very useful in raids, I think. But I have no idea how easy it will be go scale past the soft cap. I hate to give up mitigation for threat especially in early tiers, so reforging might not be an option….

        Anyway. I’m excited to raid in Cata!

  4. […] Ktok managed to notice that the devs stealth-changed our expertise softcap. Time to go reforging again! […]

  5. You don’t even need 23 expertise, you need exactly 172 expertise as a warrior, which is less than 23. Here’s my source: http://elitistjerks.com/f81/t97237-cataclysm_warrior_changes/p21/

    • Interesting. Looks like the blue post was slightly off! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll update the post. šŸ™‚

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