Gearing Guide for Prot Warriors (4.0.6)

(Note: This list of gear is built assuming you will be raid tanking. If you are going to be doing mostly 5-mans, or exclusively 5-mans, then you will be wanting more Expertise and Hit than what is presented here as your best in slot. Little to not Hit and Expertise works in raids because the incoming damage pushes Vengeance up so high that when we do hit, we hit so hard that we keep a great threat lead. In 5-man’s this just isn’t the case, and a few attacks that don’t land can easily lead to a DPS pulling off of you. Please keep this in mind when using this guide!)

Hello and welcome to the Prot Warrior gearing guide. My intend here is to help you get up to raid ready status as quickly as possible by prioritizing gear farming to shoot for the best items first rather than blindly hoping a boss has something useful for you.

For this guide, I will be listing items starting with your best in slot, and then working my way down to your Justice Point item for that slot location (assuming on exists). No item below 346 iLevel will be listed. I’m stopping at the JP item because with the current ease of farming JP from normals, there should be no reason for you to not have those items as a minimum. If you find tank gear not on this list, then by all means use it for the time being. Understand, however, that your JP gear will be better than any unlisted items.

The same rule applies for any case where you have an item that you can acquire from a rep grind. Once again, this is a process that isn’t hard to complete, so obtaining that item shouldn’t be difficult enough for me to list alternative, less ideal items for that slot.

You may also notice that I am not listing the random enchant items from Throne of the Four Winds. While some of these items can be best in slot, the relatively low chance to see that specific setup of stats devalues included them in the list.

I am also not listing heroic raid loot. As a rule of thumb, the better Stamina and larger stat budged on that gear will likely make the heroic version of the worst normal raid drop tank piece better than the normal version of the best raid drop tank piece. This won’t always be true, but it’ll be true often enough.

In a couple of cases, and item with a DPS stat outranks an item of the same iLevel but with more standard tank stats. This is usually due to the presence of Mastery on the “DPS” item and equal Stamina. In these cases, I’ve noted what to reforge the DPS stat into.


Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades
Engineer made BoP
(Note: Use Mastery and Parry cogs)

Daybreaker Helm
Valiona (BoT)

Dragon Bone Warhelm
Maloriak (BWD)

Earthen Faceguard
Helmet token from Nefarian (BWD)

Helm of the Proud
Justice Points


Rage of Ages
Nefarian (BWD)

Buc-Zakai Choker
World Drop BoE
(Note: Reforge Haste into Parry)

Ironstar Amulet
Atramedes (BWD)

Carrier Wave Pendant
Ascendant Lord Obsidius (BRC)

The Lustrous Eye
Justice Points


Wrap of the Great Turtle
Exalted with Hyjal


Earthen Chestguard
Valor Points

Hardened Elementium Hauberk
Blacksmith made BoE

Beauty’s Plate
Beauty (BRC)

Chestplate of the Steadfast
Justice Points


Jumbotron Power Belt
Omnitron (BWD)

Hardened Elementium Girdle
Blacksmith made BoE

Girdle of the Mountains
Justice Points


Earthen Legguards
Valor Points

Triton Legplates
Neptulon’s Cache (TT)

Greaves of Splendor
Justice Points


Boots of Sullen Rock
Gryphon Rider’s Boots
Exalted with Dragonmaw/Wildhammer


Pauldrons of Edward the Odd
World Drop BoE

Heaving Plates of Protection
Zone Drop BoE (BoT)

Earthen Shoulderguards
Shoulder token from Cho’gall (BoT)

Earthshape Pauldrons
Drahga Shadowburner (GB)

Sunburnt Pauldrons
Justice Points


Bracers of Impossible Strength
Halfus Wyrmbreaker (BoT)

Sandguard Bracers
Exalted with Ramkahen


Earthen Handguards
Valor Points

Fingers of Light
Rajh (HoO)

Numbing Handguards
Valor Points


Ring of the Battle Anthem
Valor Points

Bile-O-Tron Nut
Chimaeron (BWD)

Band of Bees
Valor Points
(Note: Reforge Haste to Parry)

Blauvelt’s Family Crest
World Drop BoE
(Note: Reforge Haste to Parry)

Ring of Three Lights
Siamat (LCT)

Felsen’s Ring of Resolve
Revered with Therazane

Elementium Moebius Band
Jewelcrafter made BoE

Red Rock Band
Revered with Ramkahen


Lifebound Alchemist Stone
Alchemist made BoP

Vial of Stolen Memories
Valiona (BoT)

Symbiotic Worm
Magmaw (BWD)

Mirror of Broken Images
Tol Barad rep and token grind

Darkmoon Card: Earthquake
Full set of Stones cards

Bedrock Talisman
Valor Points

Figurine – Earthen Guardian
Jewelcrafter BoP Quest Reward

Leaden Despair
High Priestess Azil (Stonecore)

Throngus’s Finger
Forgemaster Throngus (GB)

Porcelain Crab
Mindbender Ghur’sha (TT)

Heart of Thunder
Asaad (VP)


Crossfire Carbine
Zone Drop BoE (BoT)

Asaad (VP)
(Note: As of 4.0.6, this item is available in game.)


Blockade’s Lost Shield
World Drop BoE

Akmin-Kurai, Dominion’s Shield
Nefarian (BWD)

Elementium Earthguard
Blacksmith made BoE

Shield of the Four Grey Towers
Justice Points


Mace of Acrid Death
Maloriak (BWD)

Soul Blade
Zone Drop BoE (BoT)

Elementium Fang
High Priestess Azil (Stonecore)

Darkheart Hacker
Tol Barad rep and token grind

Axe of the Eclipse
Altairus (VP)

Cookie’s Tenderizer
“Captain” Cookie (Deadmines)

Sun Strike
Rajh (HoO)

Mace of Transformed Bone
Erudax (GB)

I hope you’ve found this guide to be helpful. Should Blizzard revise the stats on any items listed here, I will try to keep the rankings up to date. As of right now, this is accurate for build 4.0.6.

~ by Udiyvli on 02/12/2011.

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