The Merciless Crush of Real Life

Wow, I am behind… ><

I live though. Rest assured that I am working on several new guides and updating the 4.0.6 guide to 4.1… which is basically just going to say that very little has changed except our threat is lower in the first 15 seconds of a fight, so DPSers need to behave themselves.

… and yeah one of those posts I’m working on is going to be an open letter to DPS imploring them to behave themselves and explaining why it’s important.

Unfortunately this blog and playing WoW is not my job. I make no money from it at all actually, so when I’m given the chance to work 50 hour weeks for overtime pay, well, I run out of time here and there.

I’m still here. I’m still playing WoW… still tanking away and keeping up with the changing (or not really changing) theorycraft behind it. I’ll have new posts up soon, and my sincere apologies to the comments I only just now got around to replying to.

Planned posts:

4.1 Prot Guide Update (Complete with a wacky new method for figuring your Parry vs Dodge sweet spot)
4.1 Prot Gear Guide Update (Adding drops from ZA/ZG)
An Open Letter to DPS (The floor can go untanked for the entire fight)
15 to 85: A Baby Prot Cow’s Journey (A log of experiences, insights, and talent/quest gear choices for the leveling warrior, told as I, well, level a warrior through LFD)
5-man Heroic guides for Prot Warriors (all launch instances and ZA/ZG)
Extreme Remedial Tanking (A guide assuming you’ve never played the game and don’t even know what group roles are)

And that should pretty much keep me very busy for quite a while. I really should get paid for this. XD

~ by Udiyvli on 05/09/2011.

3 Responses to “The Merciless Crush of Real Life”

  1. hehe lol 🙂 good to see you back

  2. Take your time and dont apologize!

    Nothing is worse than feeling obliged to do wow related things (even though I really enjoyed your 4.06 tips for the prot warrior).
    I know your feeling and I even gave up raiding cause it was not possible anymore to continue the work, get home, quick dinner, raid, sleep rotation 🙂

    Nevertheless I will enjoy it once you post new stuff here!

    • Thanks for that 🙂 And good news! The 4.1 update is out. As mentioned before not a lot changed, but I think the Parry/Dodge sweet spot graph is a significant find.

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