This blog contains my thoughts and opinions about WoW in general, being a guild leader, being a raid leader, and being a main tank. It is not intended as a news source of any journalistic integrity, a guide of any authority, or a refuge of any sanity.

I play, aside from an army of alts, Udiyvli on Sentinels – US. She is a Tauren Prot Warrior (off spec Fury) who has the unusual notoriety of having both Warglaives of Azzinoth. The first dropped on her first kill of Illidan, and the second dropped on her third kill. She is The Glaivecow.

I, myself, am most commonly known as Ktok. It’s a name I’ve used online since EverQuest. I founded my guild, Portent Alliance, on the Firiona Vie server in EQ six years ago and have been leading it ever since. We went from EQ, to EQ2, had a small branch in Vanguard, and are now firmly rooted in WoW.

In addition to leading my guild I’ve served as an Moderator for Game FAQs, Moderator and Preview Writer for OGaming’s EQ2 department (where I became known as Banhammer for my ruthless treatment of trolls), and occasional guest on the EQ2’s Day internet radio show.

I’ve been my guild’s main tank and raid leader since it was founded six years ago. Between leading raids, a guild, and the constant blows to the head it’s a wonder I can write a blog at all. What mad ramblings I do manage to put down, I hope you enjoy.


((Special thanks to Baenhoof for the amazing custom artwork which I used to make my banner. You can find more of her excellent artwork here: http://www.karnokoto.deviantart.com/ ))


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Just wanted to pop in and thank you for an interesting read on several topics. You’ve inspired me to write about some stuff that’s been on my mind for months now, and I’m starting to build my own wordpress for it all.
    I actually ended up borrowing a lot of elements from your site, since it’s laid out so clean and is easy on the eyes, so, thank you again for your inspiration and I look forward to reading more of your info.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words! Always nice to hear from someone that’s enjoying the blog 🙂

  2. Nice informative site, thanks. I’m usually a healer but as a non raider I’m bored with end game so thought I’d level a tank, it’s trickier than it looks!

    • Thanks! You may be interested in a side project I’m working on then… it’s a guide to leveling as a Prot Warrior via LFD. I should be getting that up and running in the next week.

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