Loyalty: Addendum

I’m pleased to announce that due to the overwhelming attention my last post has gotten, events have transpired that have lead to a surprising amount of reconciliation with our departed member. As I understand it, a post on the Sentinels realm forum about some Tauren with both glaives lead to someone posting a link to this blog which lead to someone recognizing the situation (despite me not naming names) and then they pointing the guildy in question this way. Amazing… as a Twitter friend put it, the Blogosphere is apparently actually useful for a change.

We had a very long heart to heart today and both realized that a lot of what contributed to the sudden departure was beyond the scope of our realization at the time. I’d like to direct all parties involved to my older post on Communication. I myself made a bad call in interpreting some behavior in the midst of a personal crisis of theirs as “please give me space” when what they wanted was “please let me know I’m wanted”. I was far from alone in the error in interpretation and that lead to a general feeling of being unsupported in a time of need. I’m generally a “I’m here for you, please let’s talk when you’re ready” sort of guy, but this case required more of a “hey, bro, come on, here’s a drink, talk to me damnit” approach. Learn something new every day. If there’s a next time, I’ll know to be more forceful with my solace.

So, in short, things are looking up. There was a lot of heartfelt emotion vented and the general theme was “I didn’t realize that” from both parties. I’m feeling pretty good, and hopeful for a full reconciliation.

I’d like to thank Thuryn for being a level headed mediator for the talk, everyone who got wrapped up in this personal drama enough to see to it that my friend was pointed this way, and I guess Illidan for being so damned nice to drop both glaives in three runs. Without which, ultimately, this wouldn’t have happened. …sort of a weird thought isn’t it?


~ by Udiyvli on 03/27/2010.

8 Responses to “Loyalty: Addendum”

  1. That is weird. Gnarly weird.

    Good news all the same…except that Thuryn part. I still say we eat him.

  2. Before you eat Thuryn, let him give us Anzu then we can have a turkey roast after >3

  3. Instead of eating Thuryn maybe we could east some stroodels? Less mess and gristle to digest!

  4. I’m glad things are looking up, I consider some people on WoW some of my closest friends after 5 years.

  5. If you bitches want to eat my 3% crit bonus,, you’ve got a whole mess of Iceblade Arrows to come through first.


    That is all ❤

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